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The following sessions were offered at the 2019 event. These are NOT the exact sessions for 2020, but will give you an idea of what to expect.

Exceptional content to equip you for success

REACH will feature dozens of break-out track sessions aimed at meeting the needs of sports ministers. Additional sessions are still being add, but all track sessions below are scheduled for REACH 2019.

Proclamation and Demonstration of a Powerful Synergy: Infusing Word-and-Deed into your Entire Ministry

Steve Connor

It is generally understood that sport may not build character, but indeed reveals it. So more than ever word-and-deed need to be valued in the life of your SR&F Outreach Ministry!  So, does your ministry enjoy the fusion of both proclamation and demonstration? Do you and your staff understand the combined power of the word-and-deed?  How do we intentionally integrate both into our ministry?  This seminar will unpack how both word-and-deed (evangelism and demonstration) are "implicit values" in most Sports Ministries, but rarely are they explicitly trained and fused into the DNA of Sport Ministry staff, ministry, and programs…  This presentation will explore the spiritual synergy and examine the union of word-and-deed in the life of Christ by reflecting on a fresh look at the Incarnation.  Participants will be encouraged to wrestle with actionable “take-a-ways” and discover new word-and-deed habits they can interject into their ministry.

Putting the Church Back in the Game: The Ecclesiology of Sports Outreach

Dr. Greg Linville

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a local church sports ministry and the ministry of groups like FCA; AIA and others…and the role such groups play in reaching those far from Christ and His Church?  Have you ever wished your local church SR&F Outreach Ministry could do a better job at Making Disciples?  Are you currently perplexed by the current social shifts in defining and dealing with gender and human sexuality and the sensitive issues this raises for your ministry? This Keynote address will provide a theological basis for envisioning a Strategically-Relevant and Efficiently-Effective local church SR&F Outreach Ministry and will address how a theology of The Church (Ecclesiology) lays the foundation for these and many others issues SR& F Outreach Ministers confront.  This Keynote begins the discussion that will culminate on Day #3’s “Wrestling at Reach.” 

Recruiting, Equipping and Encouraging Coaches

Justin McDonald and Matt Marsh

How to recruit, train and KEEP new and old coaches. Without coaches, we can't have the quality Youth Sports leagues we desire. In this session we will go over strategies we have seen that have worked, and some things that haven't. The goal is for us to learn together how we can train well and encourage our coaches in teaching the game, relating to parents, and sharing the Gospel.

Gospel Centered Coach Recruiting and Development

Ken Cross

Q&A of how those in attendance recruit coaches, Ask what would change if it was Gospel Centered. Describe Gospel Centered recruiting. Explain the development process for coaches and how to put this into practice. End with Q&A. End with explanation of the mentoring process of Cede sports.

Online Ministry Marketing

Andrew Fouts

How do you market your ministry? Marketing a ministry is very different from marketing a business and it becomes more complicated when you go online. In this seminar we are going to look at how to effectively market our ministry in today's world…without losing our identity in the process. We will discuss current trends, dos and don'ts, as well as helpful resources to get you started in the right direction.

Effectively Navigating Fitness Ministry

Becca Angelo and Debbie Brown

Do you need a fitness ministry road map? Whether you are just getting started or want to take the ministry to the next level we will cover topics ranging from latest trends to best practices and important processes to safeguard and protect the ministry. We all need tips, tactics and strategies to stay on course for long term success!

Gospel-Centered-What is it? Why is it Important?

Bob Schindler

At REACH, we talk about being a part of a movement of reproducing, gospel centered sports, rec, and fitness ministers in local churches. Gospel Centered is more than just preaching the Gospel in your ministry!!! In this session, we will look at this concept of Gospel Centered, giving clarity on what it means and doesn’t mean and why it is important. This session will provide those attending with a foundation and common language for the rest of the Gospel Centered Track. We will also attempt to provide motivation for greater Gospel Centricity no matter what exposure you have had to the concept.

Denominational Linkages-The Key to the Global Expansion of Sports Outreach Ministry

Gerard Deonarine

Learn how denominations are organizationally poised to further the growth and development of the global sports outreach ministry movement. We will consider the specific structure and role of the general church, regional church, district church, zonal church and local church with regard to sports outreach. Also, how each of these denominational layers complement each other, as it relates to sports outreach. Despite how far-fetched this may seem, we will contemplate for a while, about the roles of the General Superintendent / Presiding Bishop, Regional Director and District Superintendent / National Overseer, and the strategic impact they can have on the international sports outreach ministry movement.

If I Were a Student: Planning a Career in SR&F Ministries

Bob Moore

In this workshop participants will hear about the evolution of the Faith and Fitness Club at Hardin-Simmons University (Baptist University) and how it is supported within the undergraduate and graduate programs in the department of Fitness and Sport Science. Participants will also be given the opportunity to share their own experiences within similar college curriculums and clubs in which they may have participated. As a result of the workshop, participants will come away with an understanding of how to form a club at a college or university while accounting for all the inevitable hurdles.

Youth Leagues for Players with Special Needs

Greg English

How does the church engage with families of children with special needs? This is a conversation being had across the country and in particular how does the church participate. This presentation will introduce theological and methodological principles for providing an athletic experience for children with special needs. Here, we will discuss and learn the details of organizing, training, and ministering to families with children of special needs through sports, recreation, and fitness.

Ministry to the Bleachers- Turning “Hot Heads into Warm Hearts”

Richard Herod

This presentation is focused on parent that tend to be a challenge for coaches and league directors. These individuals tend to be disruptive, demanding, overbearing, and even rude during the course of a season. This presentation seeks to help the attendee learn how to identify these people by exploring who they are (characteristics, mannerisms, personalities, etc.). It will further help to understand why these people tend to behave the way they do. Lastly, it will help the attendee to understand how to deal with these people in a Christian way that is helpful to the person, as well as to the league.

Podcasts and Ministry

Andrew Fouts

Technology has made massive strides not seen since the invention of the printing press, and the generational shift is just as massive. This seminar will help attendees to envision how they can use this technology and further assist in reaching this generation. In specific, this seminar will look at how to use Audio & Visual Technology to reach people with the Gospel. It will outline methods, resources, tools, and even content for a variety of ministry styles and budgets.

Introduction to SR&F Certification by CSRM

Professor David Waddell

Everything you wanted to know about certification in sports, recreation, and fitness ministries but didn’t know to ask. Learn the benefits from becoming certified in this ministry field.

Evangelistic-Disciplemaking and Reproducing Reproducers-The True Measure of Our Success

CSRM International Director

In our world where more is better, we often are playing ‘the number game’… on the scoreboard, when we compare salaries, how big our churches are, how many people attended this or that event that we organized, how many people came to Christ… the larger the number the better we feel about ourselves and that we have actually achieved something. But is this an accurate way to measure our success in God’s Kingdom? Numbers are important but are they the most important… isn’t it time we started using a different standard? Come and explore new (and better!) ways of having and measuring success in God’s Kingdom!

Fitness Ministry vs. Fitness Industry

Adam Dunlap

If you’re ready to challenge the status quo in your fitness ministry, this is the workshop for you. Coming from a private elite fitness club, there are many areas where fitness ministry excels and some places where it needs to pick up the slack. Come join me in taking a closer look at both areas. This could be the perfect opportunity to reexamine your ministry and find ways to improve it for your members, guests, and God’s Kingdom. For over 7 years, Adam helped manage the fitness and youth departments at The Houstonian Club, an elite private fitness club in Houston, TX. Using his experiences from The Houstonian, Adam has led and grown the Fitness & Recreation Ministry at Houston’s First Baptist Church since May 2017.

Envisioning and Leading Multi-Cultural Ministry!

Don Weyrick

The presentation will go over why its important to have a Multi-Cultural/Multi Ethnic Sports Ministry, Ways to become more Multi-Cultural/Multi Ethnic, How to include your Church congregation or Sports Ministry members in this process. The purpose and outcome we are looking to see is that everyone comes away with a better understanding, the tools, and comfortability to run a sports ministry that is all inclusive and can exceed in any demographic.

What Does the Bible Say…

Dr. Greg Linville

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about: same gender marriage; transgenderism; homo-sexuality; gender and leadership; what defines gender etc.?  This seminar will outline two books: What the Bible says and doesn’t say about homo-sexuality by Mel White and What the Bible really says about homo-sexuality by Kevin DeYoung and then offer a Biblical perspective on these topics.  It will address current situations SR&F Outreach Ministers face such as: a) Legally married homosexuals who register to play in a couple’s volleyball league; b) addressing parents of an 8 year child who are upset their child was placed in a “boys” or “girls” league when their child hasn’t chosen their gender yet; and/or c) complications from a transgendered woman who desires to play in the woman’s softball league.  This seminar is offered in preparation for Day 3’s Wrestling at REACH.

Sending and Receiving Evangelistic Sports Ministry Teams Internationally

Rodger Oswald

This presentation will address the most important ministry and administration issues when sending a team internationally or receiving a team from the U.S.  Biblical principles of sending and serving will be covered as well as practical steps in selecting and preparing a team to serve. 

Making Connections through the Group X Experience

Debbie Brown and Becca Angelo

Come explore what is trending in local church fitness, health and wellness. Whether you are well equipped or have modest space with limited equipment, group fitness can provide opportunities for members to have a deeper connection than just on Sunday. Various models such as group x, small group and personal training can be effective tools to create lasting friendships and connect the surrounding community to Christ and the local church. In the highly competitive fitness industry, member experience is what sets you apart and leads to referrals, better retention and increased revenue. You can compete and have an edge over large gyms because of the encouragement, connections and spiritual nourishment that ministry can provide.

Building a Gospel Centered Culture from the Inside Out

Jay Martin

Are our efforts, activities and programs really fulfilling the great commission of Christ? Do we see more people reaching the world with the Gospel as a result of our ministry efforts? These 2 haunting questions posed by Robert Coleman in his book Master Plan of Evangelism, should be sobering to all of us. We will spend time together assessing, processing and helping you personally put your leadership and ministry on the journey to Gospel Centricity where you can faithfully say, "we are making disciples and disciple makers” We will share the 3 simple principles that have helped Camp All-American at Perimeter Church along the journey to stay the course (because we are all prone to wander!).

Casting Vision and Getting Things Done: Turning God’s Biblical Principles into Action

Steve Connor

How do you make sure your ministry is on "solid rock?" The presenter has pioneered sports ministry on six continents and from that experience will share insights about vision casting, entrepreneurship, goal setting, and administration.  Even though many of these were indeed not the presenter’s natural gifts, they were always highly valued. This presentation will examine many of the skills needed to take your ministry to-a-next-level as it reflects upon the presenter's past mistakes in persuasion, motivation, and implementation. Participants will examine vision, explore ways to inspire church and staff, and will explore how to create actionable goals in the ambiguous world of spiritual development.

Martial Arts in the Church: The What, Why, & How                      

Pastor/Sr. Master Heath Woolman, M. Div. & Grandmaster Manny Sosa

Should martial arts have a place in the local church? Join us to hear from the Victory Taekwondo team as they share about martial arts ministry. This session will discuss the practical application of marital arts ministry and how one can be implemented in the local church context. Lead by a team of martial arts masters and pastors of local churches, this session will change your perception of using martial arts as a ministry.

Social Media and Sports Ministry

Andrew Fouts

This seminar will look at Social Media and how to use it effectively for ministry. We will look at what is popular today and how to effectively apply to each audience. We will also discuss how to make the most of your posts, and where to get the latest algorithm information throughout the year.

Fitness Ministry Roundtable

Becca Angelo & Debbie Brown

Come and join others who are involved in leading local church Fitness, Wellness and Wholeness Ministries for a convened discussion on these vital outreaches.  Hear what is happening in ministries from around the world; share your best practices and ideas; address controversial subjects like yoga, HITT (how hard is too hard); and leave encouraged to go back to make your church’s ministry the best it can be.  This round table is convened by Debbie Brown and Becca Angelo.

Gospel Centered Devotions-Injection vs Integration

Jeff Fox

During this workshop we will discuss the differences between injecting truth and integrating truth into your Sports/Recreation Ministry. You'll also learn how to evaluation your current Sports Ministry practices. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in small group exercises to write your own Gospel-Centered Devotions.

The Evangelistic & Missional Effectiveness of Martial Arts Ministry                               

Pastor/Sr. Master Heath Woolman, M. Div. & Grandmaster Manny Sosa          

Want to reach more people for the Kingdom? This session will discuss the evangelistic and missional possibilities of martial arts ministry. From creating inroads with local schools and communities, domestic and international missions, and even using martial arts as an avenue for church planting, you won’t want to miss this session as we discuss how God has used martial arts and how you can leverage it for Gospel effectiveness in your local context.

Exploring Nutrition, Body Image, and Wellness from a Biblical Perspective

Bethany Frazier

Food, nutrition, and wellness have the potential to unite communities. The church has a unique responsibility to help believers navigate these topics from a biblical perspective. In this presentation we will identify appropriate passages to shape a biblical perspective on these topics. Develop practical and actionable ways that the church sports minister can weave nutrition and body image into new and existing programs. Explore how a foundational understanding of food and nutrition may be the missing key to your sports ministry program.

Sports Ministry Leadership and Coach Development: What is the Ultimate Question a Coach Can Ask?

Jeff Fox                                                                             

We will discuss the question for any leader or coach- "Why are you coaching?” Why reveals a persons motivation and heart. There are many good reasons to coach but the "ultimate" question is why does God want you to coach? This workshop will allow participants to take this information along with access to a video and worksheets to their ministries to develop leaders and coaches.

Best Practices in Sports Outreach Service to International Churches-A Third World Perspective

Gerard Deonarine                                                                                      

Global mission is a team sport. And as with all team sports, the key to success is the strength of the relationships that the players have with each other and their ability to relate in an appropriate manner to their opponents. We will look at the importance of the following: relationships, strategic partnerships, cross-cultural understanding and communication. These themes are the foundation that we will lay, upon which we will build out our best practices.

Martial Arts Experience & Roundtable                             

Pastor/Sr. Master Heath Woolman, M. Div. & Grandmaster Manny Sosa

Throw off your shoes and experience what Christian Martial Arts is all about! In this session, the Victory Taekwondo team will lead participants through an exciting class of basic martial arts and self-defense techniques and show how the physical aspects of this kind of ministry can connect to the spiritual mission of our churches and ministries. A round table discussion will follow the class to give participants a chance to learn more about martial arts ministry.

Lunch Bunch Basketball: Using What We Have for God’s Glory

ML Woodruff                                                                                            

Istrouma Sports Organization had a gym. Istrouma Baptist Church had a pastor who loves basketball. What started as staff pick-up ball turned into an effective ministry for men in our community. LBB has become a church to the unchurched. We have seen many men get baptized as a result of combining basketball and faith.

The “Good Enough” Trap

Scott Tyson                                                     

Author Jim Collins wrote, “Good is the enemy of great. And that is one of the key reasons why we have so little that becomes great. We don't have great schools, principally because we have good schools. We don't have great government, principally because we have good government. Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is just so easy to settle for a good life.” In this workshop we will examine the significance of 1% improvements and discuss practical things you can do to help your sports ministry move closer to becoming great. End with Q&A if time allows.

Panel Discussion and Roundtable Discussion

Dr. Greg Linville                                                                        

This session will feature a panel discussion of “Veterans” who will share key theological foundations for SR&F Outreach Ministry and entertain any theological questions from those in attendance.  A special feature of the panel and round table discussions will focus on the theology of gender and human sexuality as it relates to SR&F Outreach Ministry in preparation for the Wrestling at REACH Main Session.

The sessions above were offered at the 2019 event. These are NOT the exact sessions for 2020, but will give you an idea of what to expect.