Wrestling at REACH

Wrestling at REACH… "a competition of ideas”.  

This year’s topic:  "Sexual and Gender Identification - Navigating the theological, relational, legal, and ethical issues of this societal shift".

Wrestling at REACH is an annual dialogue about the critical issues Sports, Recreation, & Fitness Outreach Ministers encounter.  Last year we "wrestled" with how to envision a theology of sport and ministry in regards to the Sabbath/Lord's Day.  This year, a diverse panel of experts will discuss patterns and principles for how local church SR&F Outreach Ministers can faithfully lead their ministry to winsomely engage in these societal shifts and lovingly embrace all whom participate in their SR&F activities.

Panel members include a wide range of people including: 

  • Legal Representative - Attorney from the ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom)

  • University Representative - Dr. Vickie Byler

  • Local Church SR&F Ministers - Stephen Ready 

  • Convener - Dr. Greg Linville

Items for discussion include:

  • An update on situations various churches and ministries are facing.

  • How different congregations and ministries are dealing with these issues.

  • How is the world addressing this?

  • How do we appropriately create and communicate policies/procedures for players, coaches, and employees around these cultural issues?

Wrestling at REACH is unique in its approach of engaging each person in attendance to participate in the dialogue via round table discussions and general Q&A Sessions.

This Wrestling at REACH conversation will occur on Thursday morning of the event and is included as a part of general event registration.

In today’s culture, churches and ministry leaders across the country are navigating legal challenges, and encountering new ministry hurdles, because of changing sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) laws.

To help you understand SOGI issues, REACH is pleased to have attorney Ray Kaselonis from Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) as one of our panelists. Ray serves as Senior Counsel at ADF. As a former pastor, he is uniquely equipped to help guide ministry leaders in the midst of a culture in spiritual transition.

ADF, which is the largest religious liberty legal organization in the world, has been advocating for religious freedom for over 25 years. By God’s grace, ADF has litigated nine victories at the U.S. Supreme Court since 2011. Through its membership program, ADF Church Alliance, attorneys provide practical and affordable legal help so pastors and ministry leaders can freely minister and live out their faith.

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