Pre-event session

Tuesday, April 9
10:30am - 12:00 noon

REACH officially begins at 1:00pm on Tuesday, however we've got an added bonus for those who arrive early.  We recognize that many participants will arrive on Monday evening or simply choose to come in early on Tuesday, so…

All participants are invited to attend a FREE pre-event session with a small panel of Sports, Rec, and Fitness Outreach veterans who will share on topics including...

  • What I wish I'd had known when I started.

  • How to stay fresh in the ministry  and avoid burnout.

  • How to balance family and ministry life.

  • How to maximize your time at REACH.

The veterans panel will include some of our main session speakers at the event as well several men and women with decades of sports ministry experience. Time will be provided for dialogue and questions during this special time together.