Sponsor FAQ’s

When does Sponsor registration open?
Registration for sponsors will be opening in early Fall of 2019.

When is the registration deadline for Sponsors?
Registration must be received by Friday, February 28th in order to be guaranteed inclusion in event materials. Following this date sponsor space will likely still be available but inclusion in event materials cannot be guaranteed.

Where will the Sponsors Hall be located during the event?
The sponsors hall will be located in a space adjacent to the main session room. It will be very accessible to attendees as they move between our general sessions and track sessions which will occur in the same general area. We will utilize a movable wall to isolate the sponsor booths from the main sessions, yet leave a large gap in the wall so that sponsor booths are not isolated in a separate room.

How much time will the Sponsor area remain open during the event?  
There will be a grand opening on Tuesday afternoon where we’ll have some special incentives to drive attendees to the Sponsors hall.  Booths will then be open during numerous breaks throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday morning. 

What are the various Sponsorship options available to our organization?
Scroll to the bottom of this page to view all sponsorship options available at REACH 2020?

Can I choose an “Additional Opportunity” for Sponsorship even if I am unable to attend the event?
Yes. The Additional Opportunities can be added on to a standard sponsorship package or purchased as a stand alone option if you are unable to be physically represented at REACH 2020.

How much interaction will I have with participants throughout the event?  
As a sponsor, you will receive all participant perks including access to track sessions, general sessions, and meals. Our intention is to drive lots of traffic to your booth and create an environment that’s very natural for you to network and connect with attendees throughout the entire event.

When can I set up my booth at the event?  
Set up for all sponsors will be Tuesday, March 31 between 10:00 am - 4:45 pm. Booths will open at 4:45pm immediately following Track Session 2 of the event.

When do I break down my booth?  
Booth break down will occur following the conclusion of the closing session at 12noon on Thursday.

Where do I ship supplies for the event?  
Booth materials can be shipped to Ridgecrest ahead of time.  Click on the link below to fill out a short form to notify the site about your shipments.   The shipping address and all details are included:  SHIPPING INFORMATION

When can supplies be shipped?  
Anything shipped should arrive NO EARLIER than Wednesday, March 25. Shipments will be brought to the sponsorship area on Tuesday morning prior to 10:00 am.

How do I coordinate return shipments after the event?  
For return shipments, all sponsors must prepare all boxes for pick up, affix their own return/shipping labels, and contact a shipping company to arrange for pick up by Friday, April 3.  Any materials remaining after this date may be discarded.

Appropriate conduct:
REACH requires that all sponsors conduct themselves as professionals during the event. If at any time your conduct is considered disruptive to the event, you may be asked to leave. We reserve the right not to lease space to any individual, group, or company who is not in harmony with the principles and objectives of REACH.

Legal Stuff:
REACHgathering shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injuries that may occur to the sponsors, their property or employees, from any cause whatsoever prior to, during, or subsequent to the period covered by the sponsors contract.  The sponsor, on signing the contract, expressly releases REACHgathering, its partners, the host facility, and all parties involved in organizing the event from this responsibility and agrees to indemnify the same against any and all claims for loss, damage or injury. 

Still have Questions?
CLICK HERE to contact us. We’d love to answer any questions you have.

Sponsorship Levels

Rookie Level  -  $375

  • 6’ Table in Sponsors Hall

  • One event registration (includes admission
    to all sessions, meals, and event materials)

  • Listing on REACHgathering website

  • Listing on REACHlive event web app

  • Mailing list of all attendees following event 

All Star Level  -  $1,000

  • Rookie level perks, plus....

  • Preferred Space in Sponsors Hall

  • Two event registrations (includes admission to all sessions, meals, and event materials) **

  • Video Promo will play prior to one general session *

Hall of Fame Level  -  $2,000 (only 3 slots available)

  • All Star level perks, plus....

  • Premium traffic spot in Sponsorship area

  • Address all participants (5 min) during one general session

  • Signage displayed prominently during one general session *

  • Logo placement on your choice of the following:

    • Name badge lanyard

    • Sleeve of event t-shirt

    • Attendee Gift

  • Printed material distributed to all participants prior to general session *

Additional Opportunities

The following options can be added to any of the 3 sponsorship levels above OR purchased as stand alone options for sponsors unable to be present at REACH.

Track Session Sponsorship - $250 per track (10 available)

  • A central piece of each REACHgathering are the incredible track sessions offered at the event.  Sponsorship includes the recognition of your sponsorship by the track session keynote speaker in the first session of each track, signage in track session rooms, and recognition of sponsorship on the REACH website and REACHlive event web app.  Sponsorship for individual tracks will be available on a first-come first-served basis.

Special Dinner on the Hill - $1,000

  • A climactic point of each REACHgathering is a special dinner intended for inspire and connect attendees.  Sponsorship of dinner includes the opportunity to address all attendees at dinner, Signage at dinner *, and recognition as the dinner sponsor on the REACH website, REACHlive event web app and verbal acknowledgement from the stage during the event.

Snack Sponsorship - $750

  • Snacks will be available multiple times each day throughout the event.  Sponsorship includes signage on each snack/drink table for the duration of the event as well as recognition as the snack sponsor on the REACH website, the REACHlive event web app and verbal acknowledgement from the stage during the event.

Charging Station Sponsorship - $350

  • Several charging stations will be available in various high traffic event areas for participants to re-charge phones, etc...  Sponsorship includes signage on each charing station for the duration of the event as well as recognition as the charging station sponsor on the REACH website, REACHlive event web app and verbal acknowledgement from the stage during the event.

Special Request??

  • Do you have an idea to creatively promote your products or services at REACH?  Give us a call and lets discuss.   

*  Sponsors are responsible to provide all handouts, videos, promotional materials, and signage for special promotional opportunities.

** Register additional people to assist at your booth for $150.00 per person.